How to play pubg mobile with keyboard and mouse on android

how to play pubg mobile with keyboard and mouse on android

These mobile battle royale games share a lot of the characteristics of PUBG such as a huge island map, various vehicles and weapons and the ultimate goal of being the last one standing.

NoxPlayer exclusively support all mobile battle royale games. You could play them on PC using keyboard and mouse just as a PC game for free! These games could be played in NoxPlayer 6. Rules of Survival is a bit heavy. To have the smoothest gaming experience, please make sure to allocate G memory to Nox and make sure you still have another G left for your computer. Then open Google Play and download Rules of Survival.

Go through the below settings one by one to enjoy playing it as a PC game:. This mode works better on Android emulator. As for the sensitivity settings on the left, you could set to your own preference.

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Enter the game and click Keyboard control on the right side tool bar, close it and click it again. Choose Rules of Survival from the drop-down menu then you will have the default keyboard controls ready to use! Make sure to config this before you start matching. Note: the default setting is only available in NoxPlayer 5. Familiarize yourself with these settings before you jump into the game. Of course, you could change the default key to your own preference.

You could also change the transparency on the Keyboard control panel. Make sure to save your changes for them to take effect. Click parachute and adjust your landing position using WASD.

how to play pubg mobile with keyboard and mouse on android

Once landed, right click then your view is locked. Your character could change view following the movement of your mouse, just as in PC games such as CrossFire. Note: though this game is less memory consuming as PC games, it still has some requriements on your computer specifications. If you experience laggy in this game and was popped the below notice, then you should consider adding more memory for your PC.

Lower options may result in blurred vision over other competitors in a distance. Turn off 3DTouch and choose the Advanced Mode. Post Views: 34,PUBG Mobile enthusiasts have long demanded a way to play the game with a controller or keyboard and mouse.

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If you'd like to play with a controller from your mobile devicewe have a seperate guide for that. However, it basically mandates a rooted Android device. Especially when it comes to keyboard and mouse controls, the default mapping for PUBG Mobile using Tencent Buddy is actually pretty solid. Here's how the keys and presses will be configured after a fresh install. If by chance these settings don't appeal to you, you can change them by pressing the small keyboard button in the top-right of the emulation screen.

This brings up the keymapping menu shown below.

Play PUBG Mobile With Keyboard and Mouse Without Any Application

Just find the key in the area, double click its little bubble and replace the key by pressing the button you want. Save the arrangement when you're done.

As of now the controller options seem a bit strange considering there's no on-screen option to firebut the mapping works in a similar fashion. Tap the small button at the top of the keyboard menu to enter gamepad options.

There are no default values, though, so you'll have to use the above image as a reference and drag the button presses to the proper area of the screen. We'll do our best to upload a controller-centric mapping once a good one becomes available, but we wouldn't advise using controllers because you'll be at a disadvantage against people who are using a mouse. Tencent Buddy is still in beta, so bugs and performance problems are to be expected.

That being said, pressing the small menu button at the top of the emulation window and selecting "Settings" does have a few tweaks that can be made to support lower-end systems. In the Game subsection, switching the resolution to SD is a solid idea if your PC doesn't have a dedicated graphics card.

Play Pubg Mobile on Pc with Keyboard and Mouse - BEST way to Play PUBG in Low Specification Pc

Beyond that, the settings in the Engine menu are better left untouched unless you're an experienced PC user. This game will never look as good as its Steam counterpart, so tinkering with the settings isn't a major priority in this case.

As a result, you won't be able to play with folks on Apple or Android phones. There has been some discussion that iPad Pro owners can join the Tencent Buddy lobby, but cross-platform play is mostly nerfed.

How to Play Pubg Mobile with Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

If you want to squad up with friends, they have to be playing on Tencent Buddy with you. Is keyboard and mouse support still fun without the obvious precision advantage over phones? Tell us in the comments section!

Weekly magazine, delivered Daily Newsletter Website access.Trusted by millions of people from different countries, LDPlayer offers multiple languages including Korean, Portuguese, Thai, etc to make it more user-friendly.

You can download LDPlayer 3 simulating Android 5. You can download LDPlayer 4 from our home page. These two versions are separated. You will see a panel with several icons that command different actions. You just drag the one you need to the exact input position and assign a key for that command. However, if you have both integrated graphics and dedicated graphics, you may want to make sure LDPlayer is using the dedicated graphics.

The performance of your LDPlayer emulator depends mostly on your computer. It might slow down your computer. When it comes to gaming, bigger is pretty much always better. Even the screen of the biggest Android phone you can buy today cannot match that of your monitor. Using a keyboard and mouse makes apps easier to use for both work and play. You get a clear view of the app or game without your finger getting in the way.

Most mobile games and apps that come up in the Google Play Store require a lot of resources to use. Even with a powerful, high-end phone, this can cause performance problems. Team up with your friends with more smooth gameplay experience and fair gaming environment. Full Android experience with well-developed Android 5. Larger Display and Better Controls When it comes to gaming, bigger is pretty much always better. Need more help? Contact us. Hot War and Magic.Things blew up further when these games made their way to mobile devices.

The free-to-play model played a huge part in making the games popular. The most popular one is the Gameloop emulator — developed by Tencent itself — because it has a huge player base and runs exactly like PUBG Mobile. Earlier, it was called Tencent Gaming Buddy but it has been renamed to Gameloop now.

how to play pubg mobile with keyboard and mouse on android

In the end, we have highlighted the optimal settings that you should use to run the game smoothly so check that too. The setup executable will first install the emulator on your system, after which, you can click on PUBG Mobile to download the game.

5 Best Android Emulators to Play PUBG Mobile on PC

The panel can easily be hidden when not in use. Another thing you might want to adjust before playing any games is sensitivity. The game has been developed by Tencent itself so there is not much to do for installation. Just click and install. In case the installer says some drivers or libraries are missing, you can download those files from the same link. Next, run the program from the desktop shortcut and log in to your PUBG account. All these settings are my personal recommendations, but you can try your own and see what combination yields better FPS output and graphics quality.

Extremely lagging unstable such as alots of ppl using the third-party mechanic or software that make the game more and more harder for a normal player to deal w an third party user so go on and on with any kind of other problem thats seem cant be solve.

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No lag or glitch or other even i only got 4gb ram and build in graphic card. First try got 1 with 21 kill.

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Dem cool. Thanks for let me used my phone back as phone. Can you tell me why it happens and how to fix this? I wanna play on PC. Please tell me how to fix this…. Im not sure whether it is installing in the background. This is not good emulator to play pubg mobile on pc.I have an account and I participate from time to time, but I am by no means a real Roblox player or someone who even fully understands the draw and allure of the game.

If you are here reading this article, it stands to reason that you know all about Android on Chromebooks and you are quite familiar with the pros and cons of what that means. Because of this fact, users like myself have still steered clear of quite a few Android apps on Chrome OS because, frankly, using the web counterpart on a Chromebook is usually a better overall experience. In general, those players are kept separate from the mobile, touch-only players unless knowingly added in a group.

After doing so, the game itself has a dedicated splashscreen detailing special keyboard settings for the user without need of any 3rd part software. Why, if keyboard and mouse support is already baked-in and ready have they neglected to turn it on for Chrome OS? Basic neglect is the obvious answer. Roblox gets it and is seeing the benefits. With millions of kids using Chromebooks on a daily basis, it is easy to see that they are expanding their reach by offering their game on a platform that kids are already in front of.

Instead of being complacent and satisfied with their game just running on Chromebooks, Roblox developers have decided to be sure that the entire hardware set available on a Chromebook is available for users to take advantage of when they play on a Chromebook. This translates into my daughter being able to play Roblox on her non-touchscreen, 5 year old Chromebook with ease when her phone was on the fritz.

Instead of being frustrated with the experience and having to only play particular parts of the Roblox experience, she instead told me that her time playing was easier, better and more enjoyable than when she plays on her phone. Though we have her issues on her admittedly entry level phone all sorted today, she is still wanting to continue playing on the Chromebook instead.

Shop Chromebooks on Amazon. As I said before, Roblox gets it, and others need to jump on board as well. Scores of Android applications have the potential to be productive, essential experiences on Chromebooks but they never will until developers choose to stop neglecting the platform.

For many of them, once that time comes, their window of opportunity to this entirely new audience of users may be closed because someone stepped up and did it first.

Why not optimize now?

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Tech junkie. Web Developer. Coffee Snob. Huge fan of the Google things. Founded Chrome Unboxed because so many of my passions collide in this space.

I like that. I want to share that. I hope you enjoy it too. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content.Facebook Twitter. In this article you will get the best method to play pubg mobile in pc. As we all know many of you don't be able to play PUBG Mobile in pc, because you don't have a good pc or high end pc.

But now this would be possible. You don't need any high end pc because you can use keyboard or mouse in your android device with the help of your computer. I know this feeling to be a joke but this is the only way by which you can play. I have pasted the details or instructions below you can try them to play game without any problem. So these are the requirements which you will use to play the game. If you have any doubt contact us. Now read the instructions to perform the task.

Go to your settings mobile then enable the developer options. Click on USB Debugging and select ok! Now attach a USB to your android device and then connect it to your computer which you will use and where you install the TC Game Software. Now run the TC games software as administrator. Now run the game and you will ask to download the controls then click on ok. And your controls will be downloaded and you can manage them according to you.

So this is one of the best and simple way to play the game in your android device. I had solve this problem and if you think it cannot be then contact to me. I have many queries which you have asked and I will solve them one by one. Now you can also customize controls according to you. So this is the right way to gain a best title.

If you are new here on our website then please share this articles with your friends so they can also take a look at this feature. I share articles related to games and technology.Over the years, this game has evolved with the streamlined version. This is a software that will allow a computer system to behave in a similar manner as another computer. With an emulator, you can easily run the software of the guest system from the host system.

how to play pubg mobile with keyboard and mouse on android

There are a number of emulators that you will find ideal for playing PUBG. In some cases, you may find challenges with the issues with the emulator like; black screen issues, emulator launch issues, and game freezes among others. To avoid such problems, you need to get the best emulator that can boost your gaming. This is a perfect emulator that has been developed specifically for the PUBG mobile.

The emulator makes gaming on the PC easier and enjoyable since the controls are fully optimized. This will enhance the gameplay for the gamer. It comes with the best keyboard and mouse that gives you an easy time playing the PUBG. With the menu available in the emulator, you can always make the necessary changes for excellent gaming. In addition to this, all the controls have been mapped on the mouse and keyboard. Due to this, you can always choose the best layouts that will suit the gaming.

This is another great emulator that has been designed to boost the gaming experience of the PUBG. The emulator is available in two versions. These are the free and paid versions; hence you can choose one that will suit you better. The emulator has been designed to mimic the interface of the Android tablet. This is the reason why it allows for easy access. The emulator also provides you with the ability to run a large number of games, especially with the PUBG.

This is because the emulator is widely compatible with the OS Windows. Besides this, it is the most popular emulator that is used by different gamers. Due to the wide compatibility with the applications and games, the emulator allows you to download games and apps easily. When gaming, it offers myriad options on the gamepad for integration of different gamepad features. This keeps the game running smoothly.

The Nox Player emulator is kind of different from other emulators. After the Bluestack, the emulator has been rated as the second best and popular Android emulator. It is ideal for all computers irrespective of the graphics, Specifications, and RAM as it will make the game run smoothly.

This is due to the fact that you can easily adjust the control and settings right from the mouse or keyboard. This implies that you can always customize the settings to suit your gaming. With this emulator, you can make the PC as the secondary device to the Android. It provides full functionality as it allows you to use apps like Facebook and WhatsApp normally.

This emulator has wide features, which makes it easier to play the game. The emulator will allow you to customize the gaming needs since the keyboard has all the mapping features needed. Additionally, the Memu also allows for virtualization for the computer. Through this, you get an excellent performance for the dedicated and integrated graphics.


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