What is intel optane pinning explorer extensions

Intel Optane memory accelerates your system, delivering amazing speed and responsiveness without compromising system storage capacity. Together, Intel Optane memory and a 7th Gen Intel Core processor give you a snappy computer experience with short boot times, fast application launches, extraordinary gaming, and responsive browsing. Combine a large storage device with Intel Optane memory for a responsive computer that keeps up with your most demanding applications.

what is intel optane pinning explorer extensions

Intel calls their 3D XPoint technology "Optane. The actual IP outside of the memory itself is separate proprietary technology. In the real-world, actual performance is limited by bus performance. It comes in two capacities, 16GB and 32GB. Intel envisions most users pairing Optane Memory with high-capacity mechanical hard drives to deliver an intelligent solution that massively boosts system responsiveness and keeps high capacity storage costs to a minimum.

Extremely high capacity at a low cost per terabyte and unmatched performance.

How to Repair Intel Optane Memory Pinning Error

Intelligent System Acceleration: Intel Optane memory is a smart and adaptable system accelerator that adjusts to your computing tasks, making everything you do faster, smoother, easier. Intelligent software automatically learns your computing behaviors to accelerate frequent tasks and customize your computer experience. Earlier this month, TweakTown was invited to get some hands-on with Optane Memory at Intel's site in Folsom California, and we can tell you without reservation that Optane Memory is a game changer.

Breakthrough Responsiveness: Optimize your computer responsiveness from system boot to application launch. A computer with a 7th Gen Intel Core processor and Intel Optane memory delivers amazing speed and responsiveness so you can wake your computer instantly, search and find files faster, and save large files in a flash.

The main reason Optane Memory is a game changer is its unparalleled low queue depth random read performance. As shown above, almost all read transactions occur at QD1 or QD2. Sequential performance matters, but overall it is insignificant compared to low queue random read performance in an OS environment because in an OS environment virtually all data is random.

Random read performance at low queue depths is where conventional flash-based SSDs are at their weakest and where performance matters most. Optane Memory delivers x the random performance of flash-based SSDs at queue depths of In fact, as the above graph illustrates, Optane Memory is essentially delivering full performance at QD3. This is why we are calling Optane Memory a game changer. Reliability: Created by Intel, one of the industry's most trusted technology innovators, this new class of non-volatile memory is backed by over 30 years of memory expertise and global leadership in technology innovation and processor manufacturing.

The Intel Optane Memory module will be available for pre-order today, and available through component retailers on April 24th. Get in on the revolution and get you some Optane goodness! Jon became a computer enthusiast when Windows XP launched. He was into water cooling and benching ATI video cards with modded drivers.

Jon has been building computers for others for more than 10 years. Look for Jon to bring consumer SSD reviews into the spotlight. Intel Optane Memory M. We may earn an affiliate commission.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. In the quest for ever-faster computers, Intel is constantly introducing new upgrades to its products to try and get a bit of extra cash out of enthusiasts and corporate customers.

Unfortunately, Optane as a technology and an implementation is quite confusing, even once you get past the basic requirements. Optane memory uses 3D NAND fabrication techniques and various proprietary technologies to achieve super-low latency—as fast as 10 microseconds. Instead, the consumer M. This accelerates more or less every operation for the end user, especially when paired with caching software that intelligently stores relevant data on the Optane drive for near-instant retrieval.

The difference is that Optane uses memory manufactured and sold by Intel, in conjunction with special hardware and software components on compatible motherboards. Funny you should ask that. While the Optane branding is currently limited to super-fast M. These are closer to conventional SSDs, bringing that expensive, speedy memory right to the storage component of mission-critical servers.

Right now, the only industrial-class Optane storage drive mounts just GB of storage directly to a PCI express slot, and those drives are selling for thousands of dollars in bulk orders to corporate customers—not exactly a wise investment for a traditional independent system-builder. That being said, the actual hardware used to test those figures is hardly industry-leading: Intel used a mid-range Core i processor, 8GB of DDR memory, and a conventional 1TB hard drive with a speed of RPM. Anandtech did a series of more intensive benchmarks using the same SYSmark test.

They found that combining an Optane memory module with a conventional spinning hard drive could indeed increase overall system performance, in some cases beating out an SSD alone. But in each case, the performance was close enough that a simple SSD setup might be preferable to a hard drive plus Optane memory module, especially if you can afford to match the extra storage space with a 1TB or denser SSD.

Performance improvements when pairing an Optane storage module with an SSD will be present, but much less dramatic. Based on these findings and on the limitations in the next sectionOptane is ideal for someone who wants to use a single, large HDD with their system instead of a smaller but faster SSD.

But keep in mind a few things. Two, though Intel is advertising performance boosts for more or less any situation and application, the most dramatic improvements come from a system with an older spinning hard drive, not increasingly-popular SSD storage. The Optane system also increases power draw by a considerable margin.

Sorry, no. First of all, you need a seventh-generation Intel Core chip. Optane memory works with any kind of RAM modules, storage drives, and graphics cards that will fit in a compatible motherboard. At the moment Optane is not sold in laptops, but they may become available at some point. Image credit: AmazonAnandtechIntel. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more.Discus and support How did Intel get this on my computer?

Windows 10 Forums. Windows How did Intel get this on my computer? BrokenDaily Win User. How did Intel get this on my computer?

BrokenDaily, Aug 23, Monica Cam Win User. Monica Cam, Aug 23, SubhashKedia Win User. Startup error on discontinued Intel driver. SubhashKedia, Aug 23, Billion Debbarma Win User. I understand your concern.

Let me help you to fix the issue. To understand the issue better please provide us more information. What is the model number of the computer?

what is intel optane pinning explorer extensions

Which game are you trying to play? Try playing other games and check what the status is. Follow the below methods. Locate for display adapter and click on it to expand. Right click on the device and click on uninstall. Once you are done uninstalling the driver, restart the computer. It will automatically install the generic display driver. I suggest you to update the display driver.

Skip step3 from the above steps and right click on the device and click on update. Method 2. If the above method did not help to fix the issue, I would suggest you to go to the computer manufacturer website and download the latest display adapter driver.

For the sound issue try the below steps. Step 1.

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Now click on Sound, video and game controllers to expand, right click on the device and click on uninstall. Once you are done installing the driver, restart the computer.

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It will automatically install the sound adapter driver. If the issue still persist, try the below steps. Step 2.

what is intel optane pinning explorer extensions

I suggest you to update the audio driver and check. Now click on Sound, video and game controllers and right click on it and update the software.Intel Optane memory is a smart technology that keeps track of your frequently used apps, documents, pictures, and videos and remembers them after shutdown.

This way, it increases the PC responsiveness and significantly cuts down your waiting time in Windows But sometimes, this technology can trigger certain errors that can be quite annoying.

Intel Optane Memory Pinning Unable to Load DLL Error After Updating Windows to version 1903 or 1909

Another user stated that the error surfaced up with the latest Windows 10 updates:. My Dell started throwing this error notification after the recent Windows 10 update.

When I checked Dell updates I saw there are 2 related Intel drivers available for download. Hoping that will fix it. Intel Optane gives off the illusion that your hard-drive is reading faster. It contains important information, functions, and code to help processes or programs run smoothly. After a major Windows update, Windows tries to reinstall all your system devices with drivers that match them the best.

As we all know, sometimes this process can get a little wonky. There may be a version mismatch or a compatibility issue.

what is intel optane pinning explorer extensions

As a result, Windows throws an error and leaves your device half installed. This means that files and libraries such as the iaStorAfsServiceApi. Now that we understand what it is, we can take steps to fix it. The most efficient way to do this is to find the missing DLL and make sure that Optane Pinning Service has access to it.

Unfortunately, while this may be the most efficient way, it is not the easiest. If all else fails, uninstall the Intel Optane Explorer Extension. Follow solution 1, until you reach step three. Instead, close the dialog and go back to the list of programs. Look through the list to see if you can find any other software associated with Intel Optane.

Uninstall anything you can find and then restart your computer. Please do not hesitate to share your experience or point out a blind spot on our side in the comment section below. As always, thank you for reading. Was this page helpful? Yes No. Thanks for letting us know!

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Get the most from your tech with our daily tips. Tell us why!Go to Solution. Another possible solution is to remove the Intel Optane software that was installed in error during the "auto update" installation of the Intel Storage Drivers - You can do this by going to the Add Remove Programs - You should see a specific Intel Optane Software Component.

Uninstall the Optane software and it should resolve the issue you are experiencing. This is how I resolved it at least. View solution in original post. There is a thread recently started on Microsoft but they have pointed fingers on Dell. Probably Dell should be releasing a force patch to perform a silent uninstall on devices which got Windows 10 version update and don't have devices supporting Optane Memory caching. In the meantime while the Dell software support team investigates here are the steps to perform manual uninstall in an easy way.

Click Uninstall. Preferably reboot after that so that its not hogging on your Windows processes. What worked for me was to remove the Dell Rapid-Storage Driver.

What does the Intel Optane actudally do? Is it safe to uninstall it?

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If I don't uninstall, does the error really affect my laptop? Your solution appears to have worked. I followed your directions to uninstall the software and reboot.

So far so good. Browse Community. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Aream, Intel Optane memory pinning. Any help?The browser version you are using is not recommended for this site.

Please consider upgrading to the latest version of your browser by clicking one of the following links. Article ID Pinning enables customized responsiveness by allowing the selection of specific files, folders, and applications to be accelerated. The instructions that follow assume that. Contact support.

Characters remaining: We appreciate all feedback, but cannot reply or give product support. Please do not enter contact information. If you require a response, contact support. Safari Chrome IE Firefox. Support Navigation Support. Support Home Memory and Storage. Close Window. What is Pinning? What objects can't be pinned? Click the 'Pinning' tab. Note The root folder will be shown in the application 'Pinned' box. This helps when multiple files with the same name are pinned, and may be in different locations.

Note that only the Folder Contents selected or File will be accelerated. If selecting a Folder, the subfolders and related content won't be accelerated. Only files within the folder selected will be accelerated. If a folder is selected with only subfolders, no files are accelerated.

Fix Intel Optane Memory Pinning error iaStorAfsServiceApi.dll

Select the file or folder to be Unpinned to highlight. Click the 'Unpin' button. Browse to the application that is to be accelerated, select and press 'Open' Quick Tip: It may not always be easy to know where to Browse to for the location of the EXE you wish to accelerate. To determine this, you can do one of the following on your favorite applications Right-click the shortcut of the application and select "Open file location". Right-click the application. Go to the "More" field in the menu.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pinning for Acceleration with Intel® Optane™ Memory

Select "Open file location. If that happens, do either point 1 or 2 above to find the location of the actual application file. To Unpin Applications Click the 'Applications' tab. Select the application to be Unpinned to highlight.Please see more information here.

Systems running driver version System manufacturers regularly customize Intel generic drivers to meet the needs of their specific system design. In such cases, use of the Intel generic driver update is not recommended. See the release notes for installation instructions, supported hardware, what is new, bug fixes, and known issues. Do not use or load this software and any associated materials collectively, the "Software" until you have carefully read the following terms and conditions.

By loading or using the Software, you agree to the terms of this Agreement. If you do not wish to so agree, do not install or use the Software.

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You may copy the Software onto your organization's computers for your organization's use, and you may make a reasonable number of back-up copies of the Software, subject to these conditions: 1.

This Software is licensed for use only in conjunction with Intel component products. Use of the Software in conjunction with non-Intel component products is not licensed hereunder.

You may not copy, modify, rent, sell, distribute or transfer any part of the Software except as provided in this Agreement, and you agree to prevent unauthorized copying of the Software. You may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the Software. You may not sublicense or permit simultaneous use of the Software by more than one user.

The Software may include portions offered on terms in addition to those set out here, as set out in a license accompanying those portions. You may copy the Software onto a single computer for your personal, noncommercial use, and you may make one back-up copy of the Software, subject to these conditions: 1. OEM LICENSE: You may reproduce and distribute the Software only as an integral part of or incorporated in Your product or as a standalone Software maintenance update for existing end users of Your products, excluding any other standalone products, subject to these conditions: 1.

You may only distribute the Software to your customers pursuant to a written license agreement. Such license agreement may be a "break-the- seal" license agreement. At a minimum such license shall safeguard Intel's ownership rights to the Software. No rights or licenses are granted by Intel to You, expressly or by implication, with respect to any proprietary information or patent, copyright, mask work, trademark, trade secret, or other intellectual property right owned or controlled by Intel, except as expressly provided in this Agreement.

Title to all copies of the Software remains with Intel or its suppliers.

Fix Intel Optane memory pinning error on Windows 10

The Software is copyrighted and protected by the laws of the United States and other countries, and international treaty provisions. You may not remove any copyright notices from the Software.

Intel may make changes to the Software, or to items referenced therein, at any time without notice, but is not obligated to support or update the Software.

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Except as otherwise expressly provided, Intel grants no express or implied right under Intel patents, copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights. You may transfer the Software only if the recipient agrees to be fully bound by these terms and if you retain no copies of the Software. If the Software has been delivered by Intel on physical media, Intel warrants the media to be free from material physical defects for a period of ninety days after delivery by Intel.

If such a defect is found, return the media to Intel for replacement or alternate delivery of the Software as Intel may select.


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